SOUL and BGAPSA Students at the University of Pennsylvania are staging a walkout this afternoon to protest racial intimidation and exclusion. We #StandWithPenn and invite others to follow and support their efforts.

Facebook event page:


Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation (SOUL), in collaboration with Black Graduate Students (BGAPSA), at the University of Pennsylvania is organizing a week of action beginning with a nationwide walk-out at 2:15pm EST this Thursday 11/17/16. We are organizing in response to Black freshmen who were added to GroupMe chats that scheduled “Daily Lynchings” and threatened them with racial slurs. We all refuse to attend universities or live in a country where people threaten our safety and silence us. We need your help to make this possible.

We want to make it clear that as students our priority at the end of the day is our school work, and that in light of recent events, many of us have struggled to stay on top of our academics because of the traumas we have faced as a community. Keeping this in mind, if you have class or any academic activity at 2:15PM, know that you are not required to prioritize anything over your academic success. Being that the walk-out will ultimately lead to a speak-out about our different experiences regarding marginalization on our campuses, that will most likely take several hours, one can finish up their academic obligations and then come into the space later on. Bring your school work to the space if necessary!

Please send this description to any and all allies on our own and across other college campuses. Every Black, Brown and marginalized person matters. Please join us in Solidarity as we rise up and fight back. #StandWithPenn #BlackLivesMatter

UPENN STUDENTS: We will be gathering at College Green

Protocol for campuses Nationwide:


1.Print out statement of solidarity, found on the event page, to give to your professor upon walking out (Optional)

2.Meet at the most central gathering place on your campus

3.The Black community should be responsible for reading the statement of solidarity.

4.Use that space express your own grievances and demands from your university in the form of a Speak-Out.

We all experience racism in different forms on our campuses. Our goal is to give everyone the platform to create change. Please stand in solidarity with us.


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