Christine Woodman, a George Mason University graduate student of sociology, and author Jan Heimlich, have co-founded an organization dedicated to combating child abuse in the name of religion.  The organization is called Child Friendly Faith, and is an excellent example of public sociology in action.

Recently the Huffington Post featured an interview with Christine and Jan about the organization.  An excerpt from the article is included below, authored by Valarie Tarico:

“Does religion help or harm children? Viewpoints range from those who believe that it is impossible to raise loving, moral children without faith to those who see religious immersion as child abuse. A new effort, Child-Friendly Faith, launched by author Janet Heimlich, “Breaking Their Will” and sociologist Christine Woodman, seeks to create productive dialog between those who value and those who criticize the role of religion in the lives of children.

Protecting the Innocent

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